Hello August —

August 1 seems like a dandy day to begin a blog (again).

I yearn for a computer program which, with ease, allows one to create a continuum. Perhaps a fill-in-the-blank Cartesian Coordinates program would work. Maybe there’s an “app” for that. I’m looking for the curve that shows the relationship between morning ramblings (see journal), Facebook update (see “news of day”) and Tweets (see “what I’m going now that is of no interest to you”). The blog fits in: ____  . announcements/ramble/musings/efforts/advice/unexpected-but- low-key happenings

I am now a week back from Iowa Summer Writing Festival teaching — and still feeling a Sense and Sensibility tint in my word order. Both rounds were terrific — fabulous people, excellent meals (126, Atlas, Crepes DeLuxe Cafe) and good coffee at Capanna’s. Thank you, Amy.


About Carolyn

I live in Washington, D.C., write, teach, try to eat the requisite fruits and veggies daily, and avoid caffeine after 2 pm. I wonder about things a lot -- like why "pretty" means "pretty" and "not so much" and if I can ever perfect the single-portion, no-knead, daily baguette and how many people realize that Beau Brummel had a lot to do with our desire to bathe daily -- those of us who do in fact "take the daily."
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